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Getting started with conjoint analysis pdf

Conjoint analysis continues to be popular with over 18,000 applications each year. The CBC employs a multinomial logit model with heterogeneous parameters across getting started with conjoint analysis pdf population. The most commonly used models of heterogeneity are the Latent Class Model, the single multivariate normal distribution, or a mixture of multivariate normal distributions. The alternative models are empirically tested over eleven CBC data sets with varying characteristics.

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Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Stated-preference methods are a class of evaluation techniques for studying the preferences of patients and other stakeholders. Experimental design is an important stage in the development of such methods, but establishing a consensus on standards is hampered by lack of understanding of available techniques and software. This report builds on the previous ISPOR Conjoint Analysis Task Force Report: Conjoint Analysis Applications in Health—A Checklist: A Report of the ISPOR Good Research Practices for Conjoint Analysis Task Force. This report aims to assist researchers specifically in evaluating alternative approaches to experimental design, a difficult and important element of successful DCEs. While this report does not endorse any specific approach, it does provide a guide for choosing an approach that is appropriate for a particular study. In particular, it provides an overview of the role of experimental designs for the successful implementation of the DCE approach in health care studies, and it provides researchers with an introduction to constructing experimental designs on the basis of study objectives and the statistical model researchers have selected for the study.

The report outlines the theoretical requirements for designs that identify choice-model preference parameters and summarizes and compares a number of available approaches for constructing experimental designs. The task-force leadership group met via bimonthly teleconferences and in person at ISPOR meetings in the United States and Europe. An international group of experimental-design experts was consulted during this process to discuss existing approaches for experimental design and to review the task force’s draft reports. This is occasionally seen written in all-capitals, as SCRUM.

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