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Making Waves: The Stories of Maine’s Bob Crowley. Crowley from mentioning the show in his book. Crowley was originally placed into the Kota Tribe. Crowley had originally been in an alliance with fellow tribemates Jacquie Berg, Marcus Lehman, Charlie Herschel, and Corinne Kaplan. This alliance is known to many Survivor fans as the “Onion Alliance. The Kota Tribe proved to be strong by winning the first three challenges. In Episode 3, Kota lost the immunity challenge and were forced to face Tribal Council, where Paloma Solo-Castillo was voted out.

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In the following episode, there was a tribal swap which ended up taking fellow alliance member Berg to the opposing Fang tribe. When Berg was voted off, Randy Bailey was welcomed into their newly made alliance. In Episode 7, both tribes faced a twist where each tribe would have to enter Tribal Council. The “Onion Alliance” voted out Dan Kay over the weaker Susie Smith in fear that Kay had the Hidden Immunity Idol. This ended up being the vital mistake to Crowley’s alliance as Smith would end up switching sides. In Episode Eight, both tribes assumed that a merge would be coming up but instead they were welcomed with another tribal swap.

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