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This image represents the range for the instrument as it is commonly played. The euphonium is part of the family of brass instruments. The euphonium and the baritone differ in that the bore size of the baritone horn is typically smaller than that of the euphonium, and the baritone is primarily cylindrical bore, whereas the euphonium is predominantly conical bore. The cylindrical baritone offers a french horn solo literature pdf sound and the conical euphonium offers a mellower sound.

While this instrument is in reality a conical-cylindrical bore hybrid, neither fully euphonium nor baritone, it was almost universally labeled a “baritone” by both band directors and composers, thus contributing to the confusion of terminology in the United States. Bass-baritone”, and distinguished it from the baritone. Names in other languages, as included in scores, can be ambiguous as well. American use of the term “baritone” for the instrument with the influx of German musicians to the United States in the nineteenth century. The search for a satisfactory foundational wind instrument that could support masses of sound above it took some time. The ophicleide, which was used in bands and orchestras for a few decades in the early to mid-19th century, used a system of keys and was an improvement over the serpent but was still unreliable, especially in the high register. 1818, the construction of brass instruments with an even sound and facility of playing in all registers became possible.

The euphonium is said to have been invented, as a “wide-bore, valved bugle of baritone range”, by Ferdinand Sommer of Weimar in 1843, though Carl Moritz in 1838 and Adolphe Sax in 1843 have also been credited. Beginner models often have only the three top-action valves, while some intermediate “student” models may have a fourth top-action valve, played with the fourth finger of the right hand. Compensating systems are expensive to build, and there is in general a substantial difference in price between compensating and non-compensating models. The lowest notes obtainable depend on the valve set-up of the instrument. They are easily produced on the euphonium as compared to other brass instruments, and the extent of the range depends on the make of the instrument in exactly the same way as just described. B, which is six ledger lines below the bass clef.

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While a truly characteristic euphonium sound is rather hard to define precisely, most players would agree that an ideal sound is dark, rich, warm, and velvety, with virtually no hardness to it. This also has to do with the different models preferred by British and American players. Though the euphonium’s fingerings are no different from those of the trumpet or tuba, beginning euphoniumists will likely experience significant problems with intonation, response, and range compared to other beginning brass players. In addition, it is very difficult for students, even of high-school age, to develop the rich sound characteristic of the euphonium, due partly to the instrument models used in schools and partly to the lack of awareness of good euphonium sound models.

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