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Energy metabolism french defense rubinstein variation pdf strongly linked to the circadian rhythms in sleep and body temperature. Both heat production and heat loss show a circadian modulation.

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Sleep preferably occurs during the circadian phase of decreased heat production and increased heat loss, the latter due to a profound increase in skin blood flow and, consequently, skin warming. The coupling of these rhythms may differ depending on whether they are assessed in experimental laboratory studies or in habitual sleeping conditions. In habitual sleeping conditions, skin blood flow is for a prolonged time increased to a level hardly ever seen during wakefulness. Possible mechanisms linking the rhythms in sleep and core body and skin temperature are discussed, with a focus on causal effects of changes in core and skin temperature on sleep regulation.

It is shown that changes in skin temperature rather than in core temperature causally affect sleep propensity. Sleep-related behavior including the creation of an isolated microclimate of high temperature by means of warm clothing and bedding in humans and the curling up, huddling and cuddling in animals all help limit heat loss The increase in skin blood flow that characterizes the sleeping period may thus not primarily reflect a thermoregulatory drive. There is indirect support for an alternative role of the prolonged period of increased skin blood flow: it may support maintenance of the skin as a primary barrier in host defense. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. PGN download, discussion forum, and more.

Against e4 I almost always play the Sicilian. Against d4 I play Nizmoindian against Nc3 and Queen’s Indian against Nf3. Against the Enlish I play e5. When I said that everyone knows the indian theory, I didn’t have a specific move in mind, I was just saying that most people are familiar with the ideas and main lines of most indian openings, so they’re not ideal for a surprise anymore. Variants with Bg4 seem to lead to ok positions for black very easily. I presume returnoftheking it has a lot to do with the resulting positions. White, supposedly, can get an edge far more easily after 6c5 and not everyone likes the Knight on the edge after 7.

Black seeks play by e6 and capture on d5. Relatively speaking, there is lesser dynamism in the Black set up since White isn’t about to face a King Side attack any time soon! Of course, if you enjoy those positions you should play them. It avoids the monster analysis after the traditional e5 advance. It’s a practical solution and I am sure the edge white does get doesn’t matter too much for us mere mortals. But besides all the drawbacks it has one big pro: the bishop diagonal is notclosed.

4 with a decent position. Almost a bit hedgehog like. Or Bg4, trading bishop and Nd7 with enough space for black’s remaining pieces. I remember reading it in an opening book I got on Indian Games, so I just assumed it was right. By the way, I’m looking for a good surprise weapon against 1. I can’t seem to find any in the Indian Games, because everyone knows that theory now.

And the Dutch is too well known as well, although I do use it. Is the Polish Defense a sound opening? I can’t find any good analysis on it, but I was considering starting to play it. There are a couple of books on the Polish Defense – and the related Owen’s.

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