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After her father died in 1852, the family fell on straitened circumstances and in 1865 frances hodgson burnett the secret garden pdf to the United States, settling in Jefferson City, Tennessee. There Frances began writing to help earn money for the family, publishing stories in magazines from the age of 19.

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In 1870, her mother died, and in 1872 Frances married Swan Burnett, who became a medical doctor. The Burnetts lived for two years in Paris, where their two sons were born, before returning to the United States to live in Washington, D. 1886 and made her a popular writer of children’s fiction, although her romantic adult novels written in the 1890s were also popular. Burnett enjoyed socializing and lived a lavish lifestyle. 1890, which caused a relapse of the depression she had struggled with for much of her life. She divorced Swan Burnett in 1898, married Stephen Townsend in 1900, and divorced him in 1902. Long Island, where she died in 1924 and is buried in Roslyn Cemetery.

Yorkshire, and his wife Eliza Boond, from a well-to-do Manchester family. The family lived comfortably, employing a maid and a nurse-maid. Frances had two older brothers and two younger sisters. In 1852 the family moved about a mile further along York Street to a more spacious home in a newly-built terrace, opposite St Luke’s Church, with greater access to outdoor space. Barely a year later, with his wife pregnant for a fifth time, Hodgson died suddenly of a stroke, leaving the family without an income. Frances was cared for by her grandmother while her mother took over running the family business.

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When her mother moved the family to Islington Square, Salford, Frances mourned the lack of flowers and gardens. Frances had an active imagination, writing stories she made up in old notebooks. Frances and her siblings were sent to be educated at The Select Seminary for Young Ladies and Gentlemen, where she was described as “precocious” and “romantic”. Frances continued her education at the Select Seminary until she was aged fifteen. Frances’ limited education came to an end. Within the year Eliza decided to accept his offer and move the family from Manchester. She sold their possessions and told Frances to burn her early writings in the fire.

In 1865, the family emigrated to the United States and settled near Knoxville. After the end of the civil war and the trade it had brought to the area, Frances’s uncle lost much of his business and was unable to provide for the newly arrived family. She may have befriended him because of a childhood injury that left him lame and unable to participate in physical activities. Not long after they met, Swan left for college in Ohio.