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Task Force Hawk, which never fired a round, has been hailed as both one of the largest blunders and largest successes by the U. This action has been reviewed and analyzed from every angle force pdf to print letter size determine what went right and what went wrong.

Operation Allied Force had begun in the winter of 1998. Apaches to augment the Air Force assets poised to strike in four days. The Army’s planners would be strapped for time to put together a plan to deploy a mission that had never been employed by an AH-64 Apache unit. Instead of supporting ground troops the Apaches would be supporting Air Force missions. Clark’s vision for the unit was to destroy the Yugoslavian units stationed in Kosovo supporting the Serbian police force. This made acquiring the targets and relaying the information to bomber units who couldn’t spot them easily.

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The Apaches would be supported by MLRS units conducting SEAD missions. Clark’s hope was that by eliminating a large enough portion of the Serbian forces would force Yugoslavian government to end the conflict. By 22 March 1999, the planners would be finished with the initial plans for operation. Army planners in Germany learned the mission would probably be cancelled on the Friday before Easter.

Clark would decide to deploy the task force. Task Force Hawk would be deployed to Albania to assist in Operation Allied Force. The airlift was directed by the U. Ramstein Air Base, who was also coordinating the relief effect flights to Rinas. The short runaway length would not be the only challenge for the deployment at Rinas. The limited number of runaways would only allow 20 sorties to be flown in the base per day. It would take 200 sorties to deploy full complement of equipment.