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Fear of falling is a major problem feel the fear do it anyway pdf the health care system. No clear evidence exists as to the most effective management approach although a need for both psychological and physical intervention is recognised. This small scale mixed methods exploratory pilot study investigated changes following, and acceptability of, an AT group intervention for older people with a fear of falling.

65 years with a fear of falling took part in a nine-week, 12 session AT group intervention. A sub-group participated in a focus group discussion following the group intervention. Quantitative data were analysed using non-parametric statistics, with thematic analysis employed for qualitative data. The fear of falling primary outcome measure and other quantitative results were inconclusive, however focus group qualitative data suggested some profound changes with improvements in movement, mood and confidence. A combination of awareness and acceptance led participants to feel empowered to make adjustments to their activity. Participants found learning the AT enjoyable and were able to use it to advantage in everyday activities. The intervention had a positive impact on falls-related and physical skills, and psychological well-being.

This supports its potential as a useful intervention for older people with a fear of falling, larger scale studies are merited. In every organization, individual members have the potential to speak up about important issues, but a growing body of research suggests that they often remain silent instead, out of fear of negative personal and professional consequences. In this chapter, we draw on research from disciplines ranging from evolutionary psychology to neuroscience, sociology, and anthropology to unpack fear as a discrete emotion and to elucidate its effects on workplace silence. Our aim is to introduce new directions for future research on silence as well as to encourage further attention to the powerful and pervasive role of fear across numerous areas of theory and research on organizational behavior.

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