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In March 1960, the first race for the newly introduced Formula Junior took place at Goodwood. Clark had made an earlier FJ appearance in a one-off race at Brands Hatch on Boxing Day, 1959, driving a Gemini-B. Jim Clark made his F1 Grand Prix debut, part-way through the season, at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort on 6 June 1960. Clark, the last-named being an acceptable substitute. He retired on lap 49 with final drive failure. Clark was later quoted as saying in a 1964 interview: “I was driving scared stiff pretty much all through the race”, even though he finished 5th and scored his first points finish. The next year, Jim Clark was involved in one of the worst accidents in the history of Formula 1 racing.

Von Trips’s car became airborne and crashed into a side barrier, fatally throwing von Trips out of the car and killing fifteen spectators. Lotus its first Constructors’ World Championship. 1984 and 1988 were run over 16 rounds giving Prost a success rate of 43. Parnelli Jones and won Rookie of the Year honours. The 1963 Indy 500 result remains controversial. Late in the race, Jones’ front-engined roadster developed a crack in the oil tank and began to leak oil.

Colin Chapman later accused USAC officials of being biased because Clark and Lotus were a British team with a rear-engine car. American driver and car in second place instead of Clark in the British built Lotus, officials would have black flagged Jones. 114, would not be well received by the public. Indy 500 and the F1 title in the same year. He won fourteen races in all, a record for the series.

1 seconds after 55 laps of the 3. The 1968 Tasman Series and Australian Grand Prix would prove to be his last major wins before his untimely death. Not actually knowing who Clark was, Mrs Geoghegan thought that he was there to mow their lawns and told him that the mower was in the shed and he could start at any time. When the trio arrived home a short time later they were surprised to find a shirtless Clark casually mowing their front lawn. The FIA decreed from 1966, new 3-litre engine regulations would come into force. Lotus and Clark used three completely different cars and engines.