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Fantastic beast and where to find them pdf

This article is about the book. Rowling’s name did not appear fantastic beast and where to find them pdf the cover of the first edition, the work being credited under the pen name “Newt Scamander”, who, in the books, wrote this textbook as seen on Harry’s supply list for his first year. Rowling herself was the screenwriter.

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She came up with a plan for a movie after Warner Bros. 70 years before Harry’s story started. The film was released on 18 November 2016. On 14 March 2017 a new edition of the book was published with six new creatures and the foreword by Newt Scamander. It is assumed to be a new copy as it does not feature any handwritten notes.

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At the end, he tells the reader, “The amusing creatures described hereafter are fictional and cannot hurt you. Never tickle a sleeping dragon”. Magizoology and describes 85 magical species found around the world. Scamander says that he collected most of the information found in the book through observations made over years of travel across five continents. However, it was not published until 1927.