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Extension of services to the entire population. Adequate organization to provide comprehensive health care, including promotion of health, prevention of disease, treatment and rehabilitation. Coordination and, as needed, integration of all public health resources into a single system. Financing of the obligations derived from this law will be met by resources of public administration, contributions and fees for the provision of certain services. The provision of a comprehensive health care, seeking high standards, properly evaluated and controlled. Spain and in its colonies. However, the system of medical faculties at the various universities was very decentralized.

17th century, but their initiatives were individualized and localized. 1803 was a public health undertaking of unprecedented geographical scope. The system was based on a percentage tax linked to employment. Social Security had taken on an increasing number of diseases within its package of services, as well as covering a larger number of individuals and communities. First, it carries out a mandate of the Spanish Constitution, whose articles 43 and 49 establish the right of all citizens to protection of their health. The law recognizes a right to health services for all citizens and for foreigners resident in Spain. Second, Title VIII of the Constitution confers upon the autonomous communities broad purview in matters of health and health care.

The autonomous communities have first-order importance in this area, and the law permits devolution of these functions from the central government to the autonomous communities, in order to provide a health care system sufficient for the needs of their respective jurisdictions. 16 or the Constitution, a further basis for the present law, establishes substantive principles and criteria that allow general and common characteristics to be consistent throughout the new system, providing a common basis for health services throughout Spanish territory. The administrative device set up by the law is the National Health System. The presumption underlying the adopted model is that in each autonomous community, authorities are adequately equipped with necessary territorial perspective, so that the benefits of autonomy do not conflict with the needs of management efficiency. The National Health System is thus conceived as the set of health services of the Autonomous Communities properly coordinated. Thus, the various health services fall under the responsibility of the respective autonomous communities, but also under basic direction and coordination by the central state. The respective health services of the autonomous communities would gradually realize a transfer of health resources from the central government to the autonomous communities.

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