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Sun Wukong is also found in many later stories and adaptations. Sun Wukong is a skilled fighter, capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven. He knows spells to command wind, part water, conjure protective circles against demons, and freeze humans, demons, and gods alike. One of the most enduring Chinese literary characters, Sun Wukong has a varied background and colorful cultural history. The stone develops a magic womb, which bursts open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball.

When wind blows on the egg, it turns into a stone monkey that can already crawl and walk. He bows to each of the four-quarters. When he sees the light he orders two of his officers to investigate. They report the stone monkey, and that the light is dying down as the monkey eats and drinks.

The Jade Emperor believes him to be nothing special. On the mountain, the monkey befriends various animals, and joins a group of other monkeys. After playing, the monkeys regularly bathe in a stream. One day, they decide to seek the stream’s source, and climb the mountain to a waterfall. They declare that whoever goes through the waterfall, finds the stream’s source, and comes out again will become their king.

The stone monkey volunteers and jumps into the waterfall. He finds a large iron bridge over rushing water, across which is a cave. He persuades the other monkeys to jump in also, and they make it into their home, it wasn’t until Sun Wukong reminds them of their declaration that whoever goes through the waterfall, finds the stream’s source and come out again will become their king that they declare him their king. He takes the throne and calls himself Handsome Monkey King. Sun Wukong establishes himself as a powerful and influential demon. Upon Sun Wukong’s approach, the staff glows to signify it has found its true master. It can change its size, multiply, and fight according to its master’s whim.

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