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Keepership by first manipulating and then murdering her stepmother, but is herself hypnotised and kidnapped by him after he takes doctor who the cradle of the snake pdf of her father’s body. Traken has been destroyed as a side effect of the Master’s tampering with the Logopolitan’s formulae. 1920s English socialite Ann Talbot. When confronted by an illusion of him created by the Master shortly afterwards, both Nyssa and Tegan are initially taken aback, until Nyssa notices Adric is still wearing his now-destroyed badge.

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During this adventure, Nyssa also displays a previously unseen psychic ability when she is contacted by the Xeraphin. Nyssa travels alone with the Doctor for an unspecified period. The Doctor is moved by this noble gesture and parts saying that he thinks she is very brave. Nyssa’s deep affection for the Doctor is demonstrated at this point when she kisses the Doctor goodbye. Fifth incarnation where he is in his own relative timeline. Terminus and settled down as an academic in a university on an unspecified planet. The Doctor must ensure the younger Nyssa survives to meet him in his past and her future.

This leaves him with the knowledge that he will have to be extremely careful dealing with Nyssa when they eventually meet to avoid changing history. Lasarti, and a baby daughter, Nica. Nyssa tells Tegan that she has two children named Adric and Tegan. When she sees the regenerating Fifth Doctor in her dreams and believes this may be the last time she sees him, Nyssa accepts that he is still travelling and having adventures somewhere. She begins travelling with them again to research a cure for a lethal plague, but in the course of her travels she is physically de-aged back to the same age she was when she originally left the crew. TARDIS is drawn to a planet where the Doctor’s original TARDIS has crash-landed, and the crew end up meeting Nyssa’s son, Adric, over two decades after Nyssa resumed her travels with the Doctor, preventing her from simply picking up her life once again now that she knows she didn’t go back. Nyssa and her son are able to combine their research to cure the plague, but Nyssa is prevented from reuniting with Adric when the TARDIS is caught in a CVE and sent back to E-space, Nyssa ultimately sacrificing herself so that her fellow travelers can return home.

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