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Discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality pdf

China through the eyes of discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality pdf. Voices and positions which favor the Chinese government are thus backgrounded. The strategies include presenting a dichotomy, using many voices, pretending to be balanced in its use of voices, etc.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Discourse Analysis and Communication Studies at University of International Business and Economics. He obtained his MA degree from Shandong University majoring in Discourse Analysis in 2004 and then proceeded to further research in this field at Tsinghua University, where he obtained his Ph. During his time at Tsinghua he made a tentative study of editorials published in China Daily, mainly from a linguistic perspective. Communication Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Uses innovative mixed methods to examine reproductive health among Mexican immigrants. Moves beyond a culturalist approach to explore gender inequality and sexuality.

Reveals that gender and sexual expectations influence sexual initiation differently. This definition overlooks structural factors such as exploitation of migrant workers, and conflates gender inequality and sexual expectations. I use an intersectional framework and the theory of gender and power to explore how gender inequality and sexual expectations are both influenced by structural factors and affect reproductive health outcomes. 2014 with data from discrete time hazard models with 798 Mexican-origin young women in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. Qualitative results demonstrate that gender inequality and sexual expectations in Mexican-origin immigrant households are associated with structural factors.

Gender inequality occurs more often in households with family instability, greater poverty, and among parents who migrated independently. Qualitative data also demonstrate that parental gendered expectations are sometimes at odds to what parents are actually doing in the household. These findings challenge the utility of a culturalist approach that views culture as determining health behavior among immigrants and demonstrate the need to incorporate an intersectional framework that includes structural factors. This approach may reduce stereotypes and identify meaningful interventions to reduce reproductive health disparities.

Present address: College of Nursing, University of Colorado Denver, Mail Stop C288, 13120 East 19th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80045, United States. The term has also been used as a label for new parties whose classifications are unclear. In recent years, academic scholars have produced definitions that facilitate populist identification and comparison. In the United States and Latin America, populism has generally been associated with the left, whereas in European countries, populism is more associated with the right.

Some scholars argue that populist organizing for empowerment represents the return of older “Aristotelian” politics of horizontal interactions among equals who are different, for the sake of public problem solving. Populist democracy, including calls for more political participation through reforms such as the use of popular referenda. Politicians’ populism marked by non-ideological appeals for “the people” to build a unified coalition. Latin America was “prone to populism and authoritarianism”.

Such actions, Weyland argues, proves that “Populism, understood as a strategy for winning and exerting state power, inherently stands in tension with democracy and the value that it places upon pluralism, open debate, and fair competition”. Populism is a path that, at its outset, can look and feel democratic. Populism has been a common political phenomenon throughout history. They tried to rule by mobilizing masses of Romans.

Politicians’ populism marked by non, populism has been a common political phenomenon throughout history. During his time at Tsinghua he made a tentative study of editorials published in China Daily – rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter. University of Colorado Denver, and Gretchen Kaluzny. Vargas’ Labor Minister in Brazil saw his tasks in fervently anticommunist terms: to battle ideologies opposed to “traditions” of social peace, most of our readings will be articles available for downloading.

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