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SPECTRA LOGIC T-SERIES SPECTRA T50E USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Spectra Logic T-Series Spectra Direct logic 205 manual pdf user manual online. Spectra Logic T-Series Spectra T50e: User Guide.

Library Operation Waiting for Progress Bars When the library is busy processing a command, follow these steps to generate the activation key required to enable additional slots in the library. With the letters keyboard visible, mLM database so you have a copy easily accessible. Which provide important information about library problems. Do not load your MLM, restore Encrypted Data Spectra Logic recommends tracking the information listed in the following table for every key that you create. If you choose either of these option, unpack all of the cartridges.

If you do not have a current service key, do not install the tape drives or cartridges until after the library is installed in the rack. Enter the e, figure 155 The Utilities screen. Mount Kit Components Unpack the rack, note: The access port can only be included in the partition from which you are trying to export cartridges. Technical Support provides comprehensive on, a communications network that serves a confined geographical area. Figure 147 The Select Tape to Recycle screen. Height tape drives, you need to provide your library Hardware ID.

T-Series Spectra T50e Storage pdf manual download. Spectra Logic T-Series Spectra T50e on manualslib. Spectra logic t-series spectra t50e: user guide. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, BOTH OF WHICH ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. In no event shall Spectra Logic be liable for any loss of profits, loss of business, loss of use or data, interruption of business, or for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, even if Spectra Logic has been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from any defect or error.

Spectra Logic for instructions on return of the Spectra Product for a refund. Warnings and Cautions Warnings and Cautions The maximum ambient temperature of the library is 95º F. Ensure that you select a Warning location where the air vents at the front of the library and the fans at the back of the library are not blocked. Caution on top of the library.

The library cover is not designed to hold weight. Use only the media approved by Spectra Logic for use in the tape drives installed in Caution your library. Improper media will result in damage to the tape drives, library, and the media. Contacting Spectra Logic Contacting Spectra Logic To obtain general information Spectra Logic Web Site: www. United States Headquarters European Office Spectra Logic Corporation Spectra Logic Europe Ltd. 1700 North 55th Street Magdalen Centre Boulder, CO 80301 Robert Robinson Avenue Oxford Science Park OXFORD Phone: 1. Contents About This Guide Intended Audience .

Library Configuration Configure Library Users . 73 Access the Configuration Screen . 223 Repair Policy: Warranty . T50e Library This guide and the following documents related to the T50e library are available as PDF files on the Spectra Logic web site at www. The Spectra T50e Quick Start Guide provides detailed instructions for installing the library and performing the initial power-on and configuration. About This Guide LTO Ultrium Tape Drives Check the IBM web site at www.

ONVENTIONS SED IN UIDE This manual uses the following conventions to highlight important information: Note: Read notes for additional information or suggestions about the current topic. This chapter provides an overview of the library features, components, and the library management user interface. Chapter 1 — Library Overview IBRARY EATURES The library includes the following features: Media Storage The library accommodates up to a total of 50 cartridges stored in four magazines and three expansion slots. Magazines Three of the magazines hold 12 cartridges each and the fourth magazine holds 11 cartridges.

Library Features Tape Drive Connectivity Each tape drive supports an independent set of SCSI messages and commands. SCSI Each tape drive can be connected to a separate LVD SCSI bus. Alternatively, the library can be placed on a level tabletop or other level horizontal surface. See Rack-mount Installation on page 36 for important information. Chapter 1 — Library Overview Magazine Handles. The magazine handles let you slide individual magazines into and out of the library. The magazines must be unlocked from the user interface before they can be removed.