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Please forward this error screen to 69. Are Engineering Fees a Percentage of Construction Costs? When hiring a contractor to design and construction company marketing plan pdf a facility, you will need to pay engineering fees, among other costs.

Engineering fees may be included in the architectural fees, or may be listed separately. What Does Working Capital as a Percent of Sales Tell You? Engineering fees are mechanical and structural engineering costs not already included in an architectural design fee. These fees may be structured in a few different ways, including as a percentage of the overall construction estimate or costs. Engineering fees may be included in a construction contract or estimate in a number of different ways. The engineering fee percentage amount may vary depending on the complexity of the job and the percentage fee of the architect planning the project. For instance, Red Pepper Consulting suggests the fee amount to one-eighth, or 12.

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5 percent, of the architect’s fee, or roughly 0. 5 to 1 percent of the overall contract. A 2005 court decision upheld a 6 percent cap on a government contract for a combination of architectural and engineering services. Private contracts, on the other hand, could allow for 9 percent or more for fees. Engineering fees themselves can be broken down into a few categories, each making up a percentage of the overall fee.

Preliminary design services should be approximately 30 percent of the fees, while final design services and paperwork should equal another 45 percent. Construction and contract administration should be 20 percent, and tender call services should make up the final 5 percent. According to an article in the “Engineering News-Record,” since the U. Justice Department enforced antitrust rules against engineering associations in 1972, fees based on a percentage of construction costs barely rose over the next 30-plus years. That eliminated a fee curve endorsed by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The end result was that fees have not kept up with inflation, according to the article.

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