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Component interface description library management system user pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Component interface description library management system user pdf essence of COM is a language-neutral way of implementing objects that can be used in environments different from the one in which they were created, even across machine boundaries. The preferred method of “inheritance” within COM is the creation of sub-objects to which method “calls” are delegated. The latter only implements a subset of the whole COM interface.

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However, COM objects can be used with all . 1987, that allowed sending and receiving messages in so-called “conversations” between applications. These provided the foundation of many of the ideas behind COM. 1991, and was later included with Windows, starting with version 3.

Word for Windows document: as changes are made to the spreadsheet within Excel, they appear automatically inside the Word document. MAPI ABI, which was released in 1992. While OLE 1 was focused on compound documents, COM and OLE 2 were designed to address software components in general. Text conversations and Windows messages had proved not to be flexible enough to allow sharing application features in a robust and extensible way, so COM was created as a new foundation, and OLE changed to OLE2. At the same time, Microsoft stated that OLE 2 would just be known as “OLE”, and that OLE was no longer an acronym, but a name for all of the company’s component technologies. COM was the major software development platform for Windows and, as such, influenced development of a number of supporting technologies. MTS software, and not the component directly.

Instances of a component, if coded properly, could be pooled and reused by new calls to its initializing routine without unloading it from memory. DCOM was used to make the remote call, it was easy to do for developers. NET provides wrappers to most of the commonly used COM controls. NET hides most detail from component creation and therefore eases development.

MSMQ is a native COM component, however. There is limited support for backward compatibility. A COM object may be used in . From both the COM and . NET sides, objects using the other technology appear as native objects. For instance, it allows objects to be transparently marshalled by value across process or machine boundaries more easily.

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