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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. The Combine consist of alien, synthetic, and human elements, and dominate Earth. Combine pdf front and back Combine are frequently shown as harsh rulers over the citizens of Earth, suppressing dissent with brutality, policing using violence and using invasive surgery to transform humans into either soldiers or slaves.

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Throughout the games, the player primarily battles with transformed humans as well as synthetic and mechanical enemies that are the product of Combine technology. Combine character type has been made into plush toys by Valve. Combine non-player characters were created and later cut. Other cuts included a variety of alien Combine soldiers that would have complemented the transhuman soldiers in the game and a number of synthetic combat machines. Combine Overwatch soldier was subjected to at least twelve redesigns before the final appearance was settled on. The military Overwatch forces of the Combine are shown attacking human resistance bases in an effort to further solidify their control.

The citizens themselves are all clad in blue uniforms and live in designated apartment blocks. Citizens are shown to be moved around to different cities or locales at the Combine’s will, using passenger trains. City 17 and later coastal levels are also greatly reduced. Citadel, an enormous structure of Combine construction, reaching approximately 2. In addition, the Citadel contains a trans-dimensional teleporter which allows the Combine to travel between their native universe and Earth. The Citadel also contains construction facilities for various synthetic Combine combat machines.