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Cessna 1965 310j parts manual pdf

Piper PA-31 Navajo St Catharines 1. It continues to prove a popular choice, but due to greatly decreased demand cessna 1965 310j parts manual pdf the general aviation sector in the 1980s, production of the PA-31 ceased in 1984. 1964 after its first flight on 30 September that year.

As testing proceeded two cabin windows were added to each side of the fuselage and the engines moved further forward. Lycoming IO-540-M1A5 engines were fitted to the PA-31-300, driving two-bladed propellers. Following the introduction of the PA-31-300 the turbocharged model began to be known unofficially as the PA-31-310. The PA-31-300 was only produced in 1968 and 1969 and had the smallest production total for any PA-31 series model, with only 14 aircraft built.

Also known unofficially as the PA-31P-425, the PA-31P was produced from 1970 to 1977. In 1971 Piper introduced improvements to the PA-31 model. After certification of the PA-31-325 in May 1974, production commenced in the 1975 model year. There were two aircraft in the T1000 series. PA-31-350 Chieftain optimized for and marketed for the commuter airline market. Chieftain not fitted to the T1020.

The first T1020 was delivered in December 1981. The wings were similar to the Cheyenne I’s, but with reduced fuel capacity and baggage lockers in the engine nacelles similar to those of the Chieftain. An optional underbelly cargo pod was also available. Deliveries of the T1040 began in July 1982.

17 was proposed as a factory conversion of existing aircraft, but did not proceed. Like the T1040 the Mojave was a hybrid, but whereas the T1040 was essentially a turboprop Chieftain the Mojave was more or less a piston-engined version of the Cheyenne. The Mojave combined the fuselage of the Cheyenne I with the tail of the Chieftain. Chieftain, had baggage lockers on the rear part of the nacelles. T1020, T1040 and Mojave amounted to fewer than 100 aircraft. The PA-31 series was manufactured under licence in several countries from kits of parts supplied by Piper.

Colombia assembled PA-31, PA-31-325 and PA-31-350 aircraft. Initial production version, also known unofficially as the PA-31-310. Navajo with counter-rotating engines introduced with the PA-31-350 Chieftain. First flight September 25, 1981. First flight July 17, 1981. Version of Chieftain built under license by Embraer in Brazil.

The Carajá’s MTOW of 8,003lbs was 1000lbs more than that of the Chieftain. The Navajo family is popular with air charter companies and small feeder airlines in many countries, and is also operated by private individuals and companies. PA-31-350 Chieftain in the liaison and light transport role. Air Forces of the World: Chilean Naval Air Service”. TYPE CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET NO. R-551, Inter-American Development Bank, July 2008. Air Review Publishing Corporation, Dallas, Texas.

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