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Century foundation research marijuana pdf” as a term varies in usage, definition and legal application around the world. The term, originally spelled variously as “marihuana”, “mariguana”, etc.

1930s, during his campaigns against the drug. Cannabis is not known to have been present in the Americas before Spanish contact, making an indigenous word an unlikely source. This is also known in Mexico as “Chinese oregano”. English, and their later appearance in French and Spanish are probably due to English influence. The word entered English usage in the late 19th century. 1905, “marihuano” in 1912, and “marahuana” in 1914. 1930s, when it was preferred as an exotic-sounding alternative name during the debates of the drug’s use.

It has been suggested that it was promoted by opponents of the drug, who wanted to stigmatize it with a “foreign-sounding name”. History and Ethnography of Cannabis”, in Culture in Context, Selected writings. Durham NC: Duke University Press. Contemporary Drug Problems, Federal Legal Publication. This page was last edited on 8 February 2018, at 19:50. Mental health conditions are prominent among the reasons for medical cannabis use.

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Cannabis has potential for the treatment of PTSD and substance use disorders. Cannabis use may influence cognitive assessment, particularly with regard to memory. Cannabis use does not appear to increase risk of harm to self or others. More research is needed to characterize the mental health impact of medical cannabis. We identified 31 articles relating to the use of CTP and mental health, and 29 review articles on cannabis use and mental health that did not focus on use for therapeutic purposes.

Results reflect the prominence of mental health conditions among the reasons for CTP use, and the relative dearth of high-quality evidence related to CTP in this context, thereby highlighting the need for further research into the harms and benefits of medical cannabis relative to other therapeutic options. Preliminary evidence suggests that CTP may have potential for the treatment of PTSD, and as a substitute for problematic use of other substances. Extrapolation from reviews of non-therapeutic cannabis use suggests that the use of CTP may be problematic among individuals with psychotic disorders. The clinical implications of CTP use among individuals with mood disorders are unclear. With regard to assessment, evidence suggests that CTP use does not increase risk of harm to self or others. Acute cannabis intoxication and recent CTP use may result in reversible deficits with the potential to influence cognitive assessment, particularly on tests of short-term memory. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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