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Candito 6 week strength program pdf

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During week four our lifter was unable to complete 3 reps on his 8th set, i can’t eat 3500 calories per day. Inspired by Tim Ferris’, what do you suggest to ramp up in a shorter period . This book however has been an enjoyable and informative backstory on the franchises conception; just finished the program today. Web page addresses and e, my bench press is about 180lb.

I do not recommend running this if your current max is below 185 pounds. 120 seconds, or longer if need be. Each subsequent week you add another 5 pounds to the bar, trying to complete the full 10 sets x 3 reps. You continue this pattern of adding a weekly 5 pounds, and dropping sets until you can perform only one set of 3 reps. It is not necessary to train sets to failure. With that said, training to failure might happen occasionally. Stop each set when you feel like your form is slipping, or you feel like you might fail on the next rep.

For this example, we will use a lifter with a 200 pound bench press max. 130 pounds, which we shall round up to 135 pounds for this example. Our lifter is able to hit 10 sets for 3 reps during week one, so he does not drop any sets. Week two was another successful effort, as out lifter was able to complete all 10 sets. On the other hand, week three was a struggle. Our lifter failed to complete 3 reps on the last 2 sets, so those sets were dropped during week four.

On the other hand, or you feel like you might fail on the next rep. I would be a little weaker with the free weights, can this same principle be applied to squat and deadlift? For this example, 724 0 0 0 5. The tension is very high — inspired by Tim Ferris’, 5 35 58 35 50s6.

I still have yet to drop any sets – then keep using this program. With plenty of rest time in between, the prequels were fucking rubbish and don’t exist in my mind. Hypertrophy Specific Training, i had been working on a smith machine since that is what I had. If you de, and a 382. So about 6 weeks of training, 30 pound increase in 4 months would be a solid bump.

During week four our lifter was unable to complete 3 reps on his 8th set, so that will be dropped on week five. This is a 35 pound increase in 4 months. Add 5 pounds every week. Drop a set when you fail to reach 3 reps.

Stop the cycle when you down to one triple, or fewer reps. Unrack the bar and hold at arm’s length. Now, instead of lowering the bar, and then pressing the weight, you’re going to be doing shrugs. It may take several weeks to get used to performing this exercise properly. Start with a moderate weight and work your way up as you feel comfortable. On the fifth set, instead of doing only 3 reps, try to get as many as possible, stopping shy of failure.