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Can”t download pdf network error

MURATEC Can’t download pdf network error-1430 NETWORK MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Muratec MFX-1430 network manual online. MFX-1430 All in One Printer pdf manual download.

3301 E, Plano Parkway, Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75074 Muratec America, Inc. Muratec, the Muratec logo and all Muratec product names contained herein are trademarks of Murata machinery, Ltd and Muratec America, Inc. Connecting the cables In order to use the network features you must connect your machine to your LAN and adjust the appropriate settings. NOTE: The LAN cable is not included with this product.

IP settings described in this guide must be registered prior to using the machine on the LAN. NOTE: Contact your network administrator if you are unsure about these settings. IMPORTANT: In order to activate new settings, the machine must be rebooted after the new settings have been entered. After you have finished configuring the network settings, reboot the machine to activate the new settings. IP address and Subnetmask automatically when the machine is turned on at first time. IP Address Assign an IP address to your machine to enable network communication and to allow setting adjustments via the web browser.

Subnet Mask Subnet mask is the mask value that specifies the IP address range of the subnet. Gateway address Register the gateway address. The gateway acts as a router that connects one sub- net to other subnets to allow communication between them. Enter the appropriate IP address using the numeric keys and press . Press the arrow keys to navigate the IP address fields.

The display returns to the DNS setting menu. NOTE: Contact your network administrator if you are unsure about this setting. The SMB setting menu appears. After the settings have been configured, reboot your machine to enable the new settings. NetBIOS name Register a NetBIOS name to identify your machine to other users on the network.

You can give your machine a unique name containing up to 15 characters. Open the SMB setting menu display. Enter an existing workgroup name. If there is not a workgroup in your network, create a new workgroup by typ- ing a new name that contains up to 15 characters. Verifying the IP settings You can ping the IP address and verify that it responds.

Enter the IP address you want to verify and then press . If the IP address is active on the network, you will receive a reply. The MAC address will be displayed. If the network settings code is active, you must enter the proper four-digit passcode using the numeric keys and press . Enter a new four-digit passcode using the numeric keys. After you set the network settings code, the machine will prompt you to enter the passcode whenever you try to access the network settings menu.

Enter the name using up to 23 characters and press . You can enter up to 99 characters. Enter the port number using the numeric keys. The default port number is 389. NOTE: If you entered a wrong number by mistake, please overwrite it with the correct number. Enter the passcode using the numeric keys and press . You can enter up to 29 characters.

NOTE: The passcode will be displayed using asterisks. Otherwise, go to step 24. Enter the search start point and press . Using the numeric keypad enter the maximum number of search results you want to display and press . The number can be entered within the range of 001-100.

The default number is 50. In addition, you can set additional search attributes by: Press . Enter the search attribute and press . You can enter up to 23 characters. Enter the LDAP search value and press .

To set the search method, press the key next to . Select the search method and press . Displays the search results that contain the value you entered. Initial Displays the search results that begin with the value you entered.