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Can i white out text in pdf

You can open and save PDFs directly in Windows 10, but there are more sophisticated options. 37 0 can i white out text in pdf 1-6 2. 73 0 0 1-5 2.

PDF from any application, and you can read a PDF right inside the Microsoft Edge browser. PDFs, there are still plenty of options that give you more PDF features. Instead you print the document and choose Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer. Whether this lets you choose what the name of the file will be, or where it will get saved, depends on the application. Word, which already have the Save as PDF feature, or even desktop programs like Paint or Paint.

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NET, you can name and save it like a normal file. The same is true of the Photos app, where it’s even more annoying, because the name of your photo is probably auto-generated by your phone and not particularly useful for telling you what it’s a photo of. You can easily change the name of the file in Explorer afterwards, but you have to remember to go and do that. Edge as the default browser and to use that to open PDF files. So if you click a PDF link in a web page, you’ll be able to read it in your browser, just like any other web page. And if you open a PDF file from Explorer or a PDF that you get as a mail attachment, again it opens in Edge.

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Downloads folder, so you may want to check there periodically and clear out the files you don’t need to keep. More annoyingly, what Edge doesn’t have is any other tools for working with PDFs. You can’t highlight text, add comments or fill in forms, so if you’re used to using the Adobe Acrobat plugin in Explorer or the Microsoft Reader app in Windows 8. 1, the PDF support in Edge feels rather minimal. Oddly, you can’t use the annotation feature in Edge with PDF files, even though they load as if they’re web pages. When you select the pen icon in the toolbar to make a Web Note, you just get an error message.

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