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This article is about the concept of flux in natural science and mathematics. Flux is a measure of calculus demystified pdf free download much of the field passes through a given surface.

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Only the parallel component contributes to flux because it is the maximum extent of the field passing through the surface at a point, the perpendicular component does not contribute. Three field lines through a plane surface, one normal to the surface, one parallel, and one intermediate. Both concepts have mathematical rigor, enabling comparison of the underlying math when the terminology is unclear. For transport phenomena, flux is a vector quantity, describing the magnitude and direction of the flow of a substance or property. In the case of fluxes, we have to take the integral, over a surface, of the flux through every element of the surface. It represents the quantity which passes through the surface. In the latter case flux can readily be integrated over a surface.

This is ironic because Maxwell was one of the major developers of what we now call “electric flux” and “magnetic flux” according to the second definition. English, all of the terms used in this paragraph are sometimes used interchangeably and ambiguously. Concrete fluxes in the rest of this article will be used in accordance to their broad acceptance in the literature, regardless of which definition of flux the term corresponds to. The area is of the surface the property is flowing “through” or “across”.

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For example, the magnitude of a river’s current, i. Here are 3 definitions in increasing order of complexity. Each is a special case of the following. These identifiers will be written in bold when and only when they are vectors. The surface is assumed to be flat, and the flow is assumed to be everywhere constant with respect to position, and perpendicular to the surface. As before, the surface is assumed to be flat, and the flow is assumed to be everywhere perpendicular to it.