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Please forward this error screen to 192. NISSAN XTRAIL OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View book listen and accelerate your life pdf Download Nissan XTrail owner’s manual online.

XTrail Automobile pdf manual download. A NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best. Always use your seat belts. This vehicle should not be modified. Foreword MODIFICATION OF YOUR VEHICLE Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN WARNING owners. This vehicle is delivered to you with This vehicle should not be modified. It was produced using the latest fication could affect its performance, techniques and strict quality control.

Your satisfaction with your vehicle and a NISSAN dealer are our primary concerns. A NISSAN dealer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and service needs. Illustrated table of contents Exterior front . 0-5 Meters and gauges .

ENGINE COMPARTMENT CHECK LOCATIONS 1. Do not adjust the driver’s seat while driving so full attention may be given to vehicle operation. The seat may move suddenly and could cause loss of control of the vehicle. After adjustment, gently rock in the seat to make sure it is securely SSS0133B locked. Pull the lever up while you slide the seat To recline the seatback, pull the lever up Turn the dial and adjust the angle and height of forward or backward to the desired position. Do not leave children unattended in- side the vehicle.

They could unknow- ingly activate switches or controls. SPA1728A SSS0166C Forward and backward Reclining Seat lifter Moving the switch forward or backward will Move the recline switch backward until the Push the front or rear end of the switch up or slide the seat forward or backward to the de- desired angle is obtained. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area inside of a vehicle. In a collision, people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously in- jured or killed. WARNING injury to passengers or damage to the vehicle in case of sudden braking or an accident. Do not ride in a moving vehicle when the seatback is reclined.

Properly secure all cargo to help pre- dangerous. Be careful not to pinch hands or feet arrow when resetting the cushion. Remove the seat cushion Perform the above steps in reverse order to install the cushion. Head restraints should be adjusted properly as they may provide signifi- cant protection against injury in an accident. Check the adjustment after someone else uses the seat. Do not remove the head restraints except when folding down the rear seat or using certain child restraints.