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Between marriage and market hoodfar pdf

Child marriage, before age 18, may restrict women’s economic empowerment. Between marriage and market hoodfar pdf Middle East is known for women’s low economic empowerment.

Rigorous panel data analysis of age at marriage and economic empowerment is needed. As we show, marriage after 18 y in Egypt is related to long-term economic empowerment. Social policies to reduce child marriage may empower women in the long run. 5 calls on nations to promote gender equality and to empower women and girls.

SDG5 also recognizes the value of women’s economic empowerment, entailing equal rights to economic resources and full participation at all levels in economic decisions. Also according to SDG5, eliminating harmful practices—such as child marriage before age 18—is a prerequisite for women’s economic empowerment. Women’s first marriage in adulthood had positive unadjusted associations with their market work and family economic agency in 2012. These associations persisted after accounting for market work and family economic agency in 2006, pre-marital resources for empowerment, and cumulative fertility. Policies to discourage child marriage may show promise to enhance women’s long-term post-marital economic empowerment.

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Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. In 539 rural Egyptian women, schooling and premarital work predicted lower anxiety. First marriage after age 18 years and living near blood kin predicted lower anxiety. Gender disparities in mental health are global, with women experiencing higher rates than men of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and attempted suicide. Women’s low social status may partly explain these disparities, yet evidence from Arab and Middle Eastern settings is limited. 2012 follow-up survey in rural Minya, we estimated linear reduced-form and mediation regression models to assess the associations of women’s premarital enabling resources with their generalized anxiety in 2012, overall and through measures of their marital agency in 2005. Measures of women’s agency in marriage had mixed associations with generalized anxiety, but their inclusion modestly reduced the coefficients for premarital resources.

Parallel qualitative findings confirmed nuanced associations between women’s exclusive decision-making and their mental health. Efforts to enhance women’s education and premarital economic activity might be combined with efforts to delay first marriage and ensure women’s extra-marital social support to maximize their empowerment and its mental-health benefits. Islamic styles of dress in general. The garment has different legal and cultural status in various countries. Other countries are debating similar legislation, or have more limited prohibitions.

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