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You can choose your language settings from within the program. Sinkholes may form gradually or suddenly, and are found worldwide. Sinkholes that capture drainage can hold it in large limestone caves. These caves may drain into tributaries of larger rivers.

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Occasionally a sinkhole may exhibit a visible opening into a cave below. These sinkholes can be dramatic, because the surface land usually stays intact until there is not enough support. Then, a sudden collapse of the land surface can occur. Collapse formed by rainwater leaking through pavement and carrying soil into a ruptured sewer pipe. They can also occur from the overpumping and extraction of groundwater and subsurface fluids.

Sinkholes can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed. Karst landscapes can have up to thousands of sinkholes within a small area, giving the landscape a pock-marked appearance. Some sinkholes form in thick layers of homogenous limestone. On the contact of limestone and insoluble rock below it, powerful underground rivers may form, creating large underground voids. 20 sinkholes and other karst formations have been shaped by volcanically heated, acidic groundwater. United States is known for having frequent sinkhole collapses, especially in the central part of the state.

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