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Y-energy” after its beggars in spain trilogy pdf book 2 Kenzo Yagai. As a corollary, the weak and unproductive are not owed anything.

Spain”, the unproductive masses who have nothing to offer except need? Sleepless are superior in mind and body, and easily capable of outperforming their normal cousins. Where, then, is the line between equality and excellence? How far should any superior minority hold themselves back for fear of engendering feelings of inadequacy in their inferiors?

This question is explored, but not elaborated on by the novel. Leisha Camden, born in 2008, is the twenty-first human being to have the genemod for sleeplessness. She is the daughter of one of Yagai’s most noted sponsors, financier Roger Camden, who felt he had wasted far too much of his life in sleep, and his wife Elizabeth Camden, an Englishwoman who wanted a normal child. One is Tony Indivino, whose mother had problems adjusting to his Sleepless ways and forced him to live as a “Sleeper. Tony advocates a banding-together of all Sleepless in a sort of socio-economic fortress. He predicts that the Sleepers will soon begin to discriminate against Sleepless, and is quickly proved right: a Sleepless athlete is barred from the Olympics, for instance, because her 16-hour practice days are impossible for other competitors to compete with. Likewise some cities forbid Sleepless from running “24-hour” convenience stores.

Jennifer Sharifi, the other person who makes Leisha nervous. Sleepless-only community known as Sanctuary. Finally, Leisha faces rocky relations with her twin sister Alice. Alice is constantly in her sister’s shadow: “Whatever was yours was yours, and whatever wasn’t yours was yours, too. That’s the way Daddy set it up. The way he hard-wired it into our genes.

22, her father dies of old age. Bernie Kuhn, a Sleepless in Seattle, has died due to a road accident at the age of 17. Autopsy reveals every one of his organs is in pristine condition. Evidently Sleeplessness unlocks a heretofore-unknown cell regeneration system. The bottom line is that Sleepless will not physically age. Their estimated lifespan is totally unknown. Leisha passes her exams, but shortly thereafter she is informed by Richard that various acts of prejudice and violence against Sleepless have culminated in the murder of Tony Indivino by fellow inmates.

The Sleepless have no choice but to retreat to Sanctuary. However, Leisha is sent out on one last errand of mercy: a Sleepless child, Stella Bevington, is being abused by her parents. Alice turns the tables by masterminding and almost singlehandedly carrying out the kidnapping, not only saving both Leisha and Stella but proving that even the most privileged and elite can be beggars too. Leisha is left with the revelation that trade is not linear, but rather an ecology, and that today’s beggar may be tomorrow’s savior.

Leisha then receives an unusual client at her law firm: a genetic researcher, Dr. In the name of Sanctuary, Incorporated. Thankfully, the research is incomplete, but evidently Sanctuary is concerned about keeping its edge. Leisha asks Susan Melling to attempt to complete it and determine its legitimacy.

Leisha also discovers that Sanctuary Council leader-for-life Jennifer Sharifi has decided to institute a loyalty oath, in which all Sleepless swear to place the needs of Sanctuary above their own. Jennifer has always been convinced of the need to protect her people from the Sleepers, but her husband, Richard Keller, has his own reservations about the paranoid atmosphere his children are being fostered in. Though the sabotage was clearly performed by a Sleepless, a piece of jewelry that serves as Sanctuary’s equivalent of a garage-door opener was found on the scene, which no Sleepless would be sloppy enough to leave behind. Susan is dying of an incurable brain condition.

Susan discovers that Walcott’s research is a sham, completely infeasible. With that information, Leisha now knows who has orchestrated the entire campaign: Calvin Hawke. The volume ends with Leisha on retreat with Susan and Alice, and Jennifer informing her children that she will keep them safe: Sanctuary is moving into space. In the year of America’s tricentennial, all is placid. America has re-stratified itself into a three-tiered society. Finally, the Sleepless are the source of just about all technological, genetic and scientific advances.

Two new faces swiftly turn the tables. Drew paralyzed from the waist down. The other new face is born at Sanctuary Orbital: Miranda Serena Sharifi, the first of the “Superbrights. Her growth is set against a Sanctuary becoming even more careful and even more suspicious of the earth-bound Sleeper haters. Sleeplessness gene, and Jennifer is obsessed with declaring Sanctuary independent of America. In 2080 the United States loses its exclusive patents on Y-energy, leading to a massive economic depression.

In October 2091, a new sliding-scale tax package is proposed to take advantage of the huge revenues going to Sanctuary Inc. To be specific, Sanctuary Inc. With this in mind, Jennifer and the Sanctuary Council prepare to bid for their independence. Miri starts the volume with a trauma: her beloved younger brother Tony receives neural injury in a playground accident. Regardless of the total damage to his person and faculties, he will doubtless need to sleep for at least a portion of the day.