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There are countless recipes and even battle for the mind william sargant pdf devoted solely to jungle juice. The term has also been used for similar less-than-reputable alcoholic concoctions.

There are several popular explanations regarding the origin of the name. American soldiers improvised such a concoction using any commonly available materials in the surrounding jungles for fermentation, distillation and flavoring. The characteristics of this concoction leading to its legendary status are its relative inexpensiveness and potency. The sedative would induce a deep sleep lasting up to three weeks. Patients would only be woken for an hour each day to be fed and to be bathed. If the blood sugar level dropped too low, it could result in irreversible brain damage or even death. Soldiers began to refer to the sedative treatment as being given “Jungle Juice.

This page was last edited on 1 February 2018, at 16:27. The Amytal interview’s usefulness is limited and its use is not specific for any particular psychiatric condition. Used properly in particular cases, however, the technique may be of extraordinary value. The history of its use is reviewed and current indications and contraindications are summarized.

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