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Basic construction materials 8th edition pdf

The construction industry is reportedly over reported of basic construction materials 8th edition pdf cost spillover greatly due to cost indeterminacy. The subsisting methods of unit rate pricing in the industry are either determinate on ad. The literature cited in this paper showed that cost models used in the industry are spurious. Most of the models attempts to respond to whole building cost from inception to completion with a single formula.

This paper argues that on the basis of the units of measurement of the various building elements, a holistic cost model for pricing a complete building cost is a near impossibility. Rather, cost model on the basis of each work item is idealized. This was done by abstracting and decomposing the relevant cost data and using productivity study by time and motion to determine the various outputs for materials and labour. These were subsequently applied as co-factors to the cost data to derive the unit rate cost.

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The paper concludes that the model enjoys flexibility of further mathematical treatment if any of the variable is constrained and recommends that other work items should be modeled if the cost of a building must be known and this model should be used to justify contractor’s tender for concrete cost. Samuel, Department of Quantity Surveying, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria. The issue of cost in construction literature has therefore received a great deal of considerable attention with the flurry of research activities directed towards cost solving problems which include but not limited to predictability and indeterminacy. In spite of these consolidated research efforts cost overruns has been consistently reported in several construction papers arising from subjective process of cost determination and inaccurate estimate. The search for an almighty and grand unified formula by the industry to tell the cost of a proposed building project from inception to completion stage has become the pursuit of a mirage. The argument has always been that, there cannot be a holistic or generalised cost model responding to the seeming difficulty of cost estimation of a building.

Accordingly, this paper aims at deriving a generalised unit rate cost model for pricing of concrete works. Cost is important to all industry but the construction industry is by far the most reported industry of cost volatility. Early cost planning and estimation response to construction projects cost volatility assures great success of the project. Several cost estimation techniques are available for that purpose from inception to completion stage.