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Gas permeability and water vapour transmission rate increased proportionally atkin physical chemistry book pdf the starch content in the blend. Several theoretical and semiempirical calculations for mechanical properties and gas permeability were carried out and possible interpretations were provided for the occasionally observed deviations between the experimental and the theoretical values. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1998 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Ideas for the New Year and one less lesson to plan! A lot of students really struggle with the concepts of thermal energy transfer. Digital maverick, revolutionary pedagogue educator, scientist, explorer and teacher of science through extreme sports. It is a classic case of them turning up to our lessons having plenty of ideas of what is happening, most of which are wrong! It is pointless trying to teach them the concepts until you really know what they are thinking so ensure you start with some AfL hinge questions. They will have covered this topic before so are we ready to move on?

The ball sitting on the table is not moving. At certain times of the year the air temperature and the sea temperature are the same. If you get into the sea why does it feel colder? How would we find out? Are white china teacups a good design to prevent heat loss? Before we start a practical  we really need to think what value it has to the learning.

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Too often practical activities can be a waste of time . I wouldn’t suggest filling in the form in the inventory available in the  appendix for every practical, but would suggest that you familiarise yourself with the key questions. Here are some ideas to draw out from them what they think in order to move them on. I take no responsibility for risk assessments or if they go horrendously wrong! This is a very simple experiment that works brilliantly with data loggers . This follows a simple script. I’m making a cup of coffee.

I can’t drink my coffee when she’s on the phone and the phone call will be at least 5 minutes long. Should I put my milk in now or in 5 minutes time to keep it as hot as possible? You can either do this as a thought experiment or for real . The rate of heat transfer depends on the difference in temperature of the two bodies. By putting the milk in straight away you reduce this temperature difference earlier.

This is a great one to find students ideas using a simple AfL technique. If you think it would melt fastest on the metal lid put up your left hand, the plastic lid your right hand. No difference then hold up both hands. Keeping their hands up they find someone who has a different opinion and argue with them until there is an agreement. A messy, fun and educational exercise. The challenge is to boil 100ml of water in a paper kettle as quickly as possible.

To make the paper kettles have the students fold a sheet of A4 paper in the way below Note: the heavier the paper used the better the result. Once the kettles are made put them on a tripod with a gauze. Pour the water in and then move a Bunsen underneath. They may choose to use another kettle as a lid.

Harvey’s passion for science is apparent. Signaling pathway and provide protein candidates for further analysis. Matthew Gilliham has won a South Australian Tall Poppy award this week. Professor Small established the world — class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science and who demonstrate great leadership potential.