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20th century and was added to the state highway system. The final portion of the present-day Orange Freeway was not completed until the mid 1970s. SR 57 traffic on the same roadway as SR 60. SR 57 south of SR 60 in Diamond Bar. Elevated ramps allow HOV traffic bound to or from Brea Canyon to connect with I-5 towards the southeast, SR 91 towards the west, or SR 60 towards the east without entering the main lanes. The highway from SR 1 to SR 60 in Diamond Bar is officially designated as the Orange Freeway. 129,000 between SR 60 and Sunset Crossing Road in Diamond Bar, and 278,500 between SR 91 in Anaheim and Orangethorpe Avenue in Placentia, the latter of which was the highest AADT for the highway.

The state built a bypass of the Valley Boulevard portion of the route in the early-to-mid-1930s, leaving the old road near Diamond Bar and heading northeast through the foothills, along the present freeway alignment and Mission Boulevard. Routes 180 and 19 to Pomona. Pomona soon became part of the planned Pomona Freeway, and the name of the remainder was changed to Orange Freeway. The state legislature altered the definition of Route 19 to reflect this in 1957 by moving its south end to Santa Ana.

Also in 1959, the legislature created Route 272, extending the line of the Orange Freeway north from the Pomona Freeway to the Temescal Freeway, completing the proposed freeway corridor that is now SR 57. Placentia on January 30, 1967, to begin construction of the Orange Freeway. Interchange at I-10, which was dedicated May 1, 1972, and opened soon thereafter. Route 250 to be turned back to local governments, though the subsequent deletion from the Streets and Highways Code did not take place until 1981. The southerly extension to Huntington Beach remains unconstructed. The extension was considered by Caltrans as two 11. SR 57 expired in January 2001, after a request to delay the expiration until January 2007.

Following this, ATD sued to restore the franchise, and this case lasted until November 2003. The termination was due to ATD not beginning the construction during the first ten years of the franchise, after it had been enacted by the state legislature. Segments that remain unconstructed or have been relinquished to local control may be omitted. Exit number follows SR 60 rather than SR 57. Sacramento: California Department of Transportation. What is the National Highway System? The Automobile Blue Book Publishing Co.

New Road Winds In and Out”. Pomona to Fullerton via Brea canyon. Route 9 west of Claremont to Beaumont via Riverside. Pomona to Fullerton via Brea Canyon. An act to amend sections 2, 3 and 5 and to add two sections to be numbered 6 and 7 to an act entitled ‘An act to provide for the acquisition of rights of way for and the construction, maintenance.

State Highway Route 2 near Orange County Hospital northerly to Hermosa Beach-Santa Ana Canyon Road. Route 180 is from Route 2 near Orange County Hospital northerly to Route 175. Brea Canyon Freeway Plan Pushed”. Propose Four New Routes for Freeways”.

Pomona to Route 2 near Santa Ana. An act to amend Sections 306, 320, 332, 351, 362, 365, 369, 374, 382, 388, 397, 407, 408, 409, 410, 415, 422, 435, 440, 446, 453, 456, 460, 467, 470, 476, 487, 492, 493, 494, 506, 521, 528, and 529. Route 272 is from Route 19 near City of Industry to Route 26 near Pomona Route 273 is from Route 60 near Huntington Beach to Route 179 near Santa Ana. Chapter 2 of Division 1 of, the. Route 1 near Huntington Beach to Route 22 near Santa Ana. Route 5 near Santa Ana to Route 210 near Route 10 and Pomona, passing near Industry Route 250 is from Route 5 near Orange County Hospital northerly to Route 91.

An act to amend Sections 253, 307, 317, 322, 334, 342, 347, 349, 361, 363, 372, 373, 374, 379, 384, 390, 407, 408, 443, 455, 470, 486, 514, 517, 548, and 550 of, to add Sections 556, 557, 558, 560. This route shall cease to be a state highway when Route 57 freeway is completed from Route 5 to Route 91. Work Started on Orange Freeway”. Orange Freeway Section to Open”.

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