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Aptima hcv quant dx assay pdf

Aptima Aptima hcv quant dx assay pdf Quant Dx and CAPCTMv2 HCV tests were highly correlated and inclusive. The Aptima assay appeared more analytical sensitive than the CAPCTMv2 test.

Both tests yielded interpretable results when used for monitoring antiviral treatment responses. Both tests are useful for monitoring patients with HCV infection. Measurement of HCV RNA is used to evaluate patient compliance and virological response during and after treatment. HCV RNA in plasma samples, and compare the clinical utility of the two tests in patients undergoing treatment with DAA therapy. Analytical performance was evaluated on two sets of plasma samples: 125 genotyped samples and 172 samples referred for quantification of HCV RNA. Furthermore, performance was evaluated using dilutions series of four samples containing HCV genotype 1a, 2b, 3a, and 4a, respectively.

Clinical utility was evaluated on 118 plasma samples obtained from 13 patients undergoing treatment with DAAs. L than the CAPCTMv2 test, and yielded clearly interpretable results when used to analyze samples from patients treated with DAAs. The analytical performance of the Aptima assay makes it well suited for monitoring patients with chronic HCV infection undergoing antiviral treatment. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Für weitere Informationen über die Kostenerstattung kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihre Krankenversicherung. Sie verlassen die Website Hologic.