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Members of the upper classes are sometimes known as the social elite. As a term, “elite” usually describes a person or group of people who are members of the uppermost class of society, and wealth can contribute to that class determination. Elitists also believe only a few “shakers and movers” truly change society rather than society being changed by the majority of people who only vote and elect the elites into power. To elitists, the public is abjectly powerless and can be manipulated only by the top group of elites. This includes those who gain this position due to socioeconomic means and not personal achievement.

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However, these terms are misleading when discussing elitism as a political theory, because they are often associated with negative “class” connotations and fail to appreciate a more unbiased exploration of the philosophy. For example, a politician who promotes advanced classes for students deemed to be highly intelligent might be accused of elitism, even if this were argued to promote an egalitarian goal, such as curing disease. Elitism in education could be based on conventional assessment of learning ability, knowledge, or other abilities. However, an “elite” school can also mean a school for the wealthy or one that is hard to enter. The implication is that the alleged elitist person or group thinks they are better than everyone else, and put themselves before others as a result. An elitist is not always seen as truly elite, but only privileged. The definition may have different appreciations depending on the political contexts.

Since elitism may be viewed as something necessary for creating patterns of good intellectual or professional performance, it can be used also for maintaining conditions of lack of competition and privilege. Elitism endorses the exclusion of large numbers of people from positions of privilege or power. All of these measures seek to reduce the difference of power between the elite and the ordinary. Professor Kenneth Paul Tan at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy asserts that “Meritocracy, in trying to ‘isolate’ merit by treating people with fundamentally unequal backgrounds as superficially the same, can be a practice that ignores and even conceals the real advantages and disadvantages that are unevenly distributed to different segments of an inherently unequal society, a practice that in fact perpetuates this fundamental inequality.

In this way, those who are picked by meritocracy as having merit may already have enjoyed unfair advantages from the very beginning, ignored according to the principle of nondiscrimination. Meritocracy and Elitism in a Global City: Ideological Shifts in Singapore”. Our best universities have forgotten that the reason they exist is to make minds, not careers. This page was last edited on 11 January 2018, at 23:24. Note the disproportionate heads and bodies, with the size of the head representing “mental” ability and intelligence, and the size of the body representing kinesthetic talent and “physical” ability. In the 20th century, some societies have systematically removed intellectuals from power, sometimes assassinating them, to expediently end public political dissent. Havel president for ten years.