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The GRU is Russia’s largest foreign agents of smersh rules pdf agency. In January 1810, The Expedition for Secret Affairs under the War Ministry was formed. Two years later it was renamed the Special Bureau.

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In 1815, the bureau became the First Department under the General Chief of Staff. In 1836 the intelligence functions were transferred to the Second Department under the General Chief of Staff. After many name changes through the years, in April 1906 the Military intelligence was carried out by the Fifth Department under the General Chief of Staff of the War Ministry. In May 1992, GRU was dissolved and became part of the new Russian Ministry of Defense. In 2006, GRU moved to a new Headquarters complex at Khoroshovskoye Shosse, which cost 9.

5 billion rubles to build and incorporates 70,000 square meters. GRU since 1997, reportedly over Korabelnikov’s objections to proposed reforms. In 2010, GRU changed its name to Main Directorate of the Russian General Chief of Staff, but the GRU remains commonly used. US military intelligence agencies as well as other national US organizations. GRU Space Intelligence Directorate has put more than 130 SIGINT satellites into orbit.

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GRU and KGB SIGINT network employed about 350,000 specialists. According to GRU defector Kalanbe: “Though most Americans do not realize it, America is penetrated by Russian military intelligence to the extent that arms caches lie in wait for use by Russian special forces. The American leaders will be easily assassinated using the suitcase bombs, according to Lunev. GRU is “one of the primary instructors of terrorists worldwide” according to Lunev.

This spy network was managed from Armenia by GRU Colonel Anatoly Sinitsin. The battalions each included close to a thousand fighters until their disbandment in 2008. GRU personnel died during the fighting in Chechnya. CIA and spent five years in prison before he was released. President Dmitry Medvedev sacked Russia’s most powerful intelligence chief Friday in a move that underscores strained ties with some of the military top brass over a Kremlin-backed reform of the armed forces. The Kremlin said Medvedev had signed a decree to dismiss General Valentin Korabelnikov, who has directed Russia’s military intelligence service since 1997.