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Kings’ Reckoning, but maintain adventures in middle earth pdf t old names of the months. Therefore, years of the Third Age can be converted to Shire-years by subtracting 1600.

The last year of the Third Age is year 1421 on the Shire calendar. 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds. The Shire’s calendar year is also divided into 12 months but all of 30 days. Five additional days are added to create a 365-day year. 2 Yule is the first day of the year. 1 Lithe, Mid-year’s Day, and 2 Lithe.

All these days are placed outside of any month. These days are primarily holidays and feast days. Tolkien describes as being 10 days earlier than the middle day of our year. There are seven days in the Shire week.

The Mid-year’s Day and, when present, Overlithe have no weekday assignments. Highday is a holiday with evening feasts. Tolkien states that Highday is more equivalent to our Sunday, and so translated the terms “Mersday” and “Highday” used in one of Bilbo’s songs as “Saturday” and “Sunday” rather than “Thursday” and “Friday”. Lithe is a Midsummer holiday in the Shire.

Lithe falls between Forelithe, the sixth month of the year, and Afterlithe, the seventh month. In most years there are three Lithedays: 1 Lithe, Midyear’s Day, and 2 Lithe. In Leap-years there is a fourth Litheday called Overlithe between Midyear’s Day and 2 Lithe. Midyear’s Day and Overlithe are not assigned any weekday, while 1 Lithe always falls on a Friday and 2 Lithe is a Saturday. Lithe and the Midwinter holiday called Yule are the two major holidays in the Shire.

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Lithe is a time of great feasting and merriment. In the years that Overlithe occur, it is a day of special celebration. Overlithe falls during the Great Year of Plenty in 3020 after the War of the Ring, and it is the merriest holiday in the history of the Shire. King’s Reckoning, alter it in a different way from the Steward’s Reckoning. Like the Steward’s Reckoning, they have twelve months of thirty days, and five holidays outside the months. However, they have three “extra” days in midsummer and two in midwinter, similar to the Elven calendar.

Lithedays, and the two days of midwinter are the Yuledays. In leap years, the extra day is added to the Lithedays and called Overlithe. It counts from the founding of the Shire in T. Overlithe occurs only in leap years. 2 Yule corresponds with December 22.