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Abolitionist in the civil war era pdf answers

The Copperheads represented the more abolitionist in the civil war era pdf answers wing of the “Northern Democrats. Republican prosecutors accused some prominent Copperheads of treason in a series of trials in 1864. Copperheadism was a highly contentious grass-roots movement. It had its strongest base in the area just north of the Ohio River, as well as in some urban ethnic wards.

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Republicans greatly exaggerated the conspiracies for partisan reasons. Historians such as Wood Gray and Jennifer Weber argue that the Copperheads were inflexibly rooted in the past and were naive about the refusal of the Confederates to return to the Union. Convinced that the Republicans were ruining the traditional world they loved, they were obstructionist partisans. Copperhead support increased when Union armies did poorly, and decreased when they won great victories. September 1864, Union military success seemed assured, and Copperheadism collapsed.

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