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A do it yourself submachine gun pdf

Here are pictures of a neat a do it yourself submachine gun pdf submachine gun prototype sent in. It uses minimal components and can be constructed with very basic tooling in short order.

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The builder made the example pictured as a non-firing replica for obvious legal reasons. The criteria was for a design which can match similar commercial counterparts in terms of compactness, durability and aesthetics whilst being infinitely cheaper, quicker and easier to produce. It uses Sten mags, a spring from a grease applicator tool, standard lock collars and a rubber bicycle grip among other easily obtainable bits. It strips down to only nine main components which are all housed in a single receiver tube. I’m sure I am being facetious, but it does look like all they have done is moved the trigger forward and dispensed with the stock!

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Open bolt blowback SMGs can only be made in so many ways. So the similiarity is no surprise. It’s like the illicit offspring from an affair between Mrs Welrod and Mr Sten. The magazine forming part of the grip especially reminds me of the welrod.

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