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Games Workshop continues their release of new Primaris Space Marine models with the Repulsor Tank taking the lead for this week’s collection of pre-orders in Warhammer 40,000. Kickin’ Ass In Rambo: The Board Game! The Primaris Repulsor is the new floating tank coming your way for those looking to expand their Space Marine force with some actual Primaris level vehicles. The Repulsor armoured transport is a deadly combination of manoeuvrability and raw brute force. Due to the turbine array at its rear, it has tremendous motive power, held aloft by powerful anti-gravitic generators.

The Repulsor is so heavily armed and armoured that is doesn’t skim over the landscape but instead crushes the ground below it. The tank grinds forward with a deep bass thrum, reducing rock to gravel and fallen bodies to smears of gore and powdered bone. The vehicle is certainly going to take some getting used to in its design. A lot of people who have seen this tank in the flesh have said that it is decidedly more impressive than you might first imagine. So, I reckon head down to your local store and see if it wins you over. Each of these models does really hit the nail on the head for me, especially the Chaplain who looks as dangerous and scary as ever! Chaplains have always been a big part of the Space Marine image and something I’ve always looked at as a key influence for building armies.

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Of course, those who collection Blood Angels might like a few of these but all Chapters could find these sprinkled in there. What do you think of the new models? I really like that tank. Not only it looks good but it also makes more sense than origin of Primaris Marines. Having recently finished Master of Mankind and thoroughly enjoyed the scenes of Arkhan Land’s personal Land Raider, fully kitted out with repulsur fields instead of tracks, I’m coming round to this beasty. That was part of the grim-dark not so techy estethics.

They have somewhat moved away from that with the primaris. The primaris are taller, less clutter, more round edges. With that direction skimmers are no surprise. I think that GW is doing a big shift, call me crazy but I think it maybe two to three years that primarus marines are now just marines, because a lot of people call them true scale marines, and that is how marines are meant to be in scale wise compared to normal people. I would say this a part of a whole redesign. I was talking with someone and basically, they said that there is no reason we would ever use treads if we had access to anti grav tech with the differences in planets. I know 40k is hardly the scene of realism but I think it may be why they are doing it a complete and total over hall.

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