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2010 kia soul owners manual pdf

02-04 Kia Spectra hatch front. The first-generation Kia Sephia is the first 2010 kia soul owners manual pdf that was actually designed by Kia with their own chassis.

In the United States, sales began in 1993 for model year of 1994. This was the first Kia to be exported to the US. LS models got upgraded to the new 1. Kia licensed the engine design from Mazda, but manufactured it themselves. It was launched in Europe in the spring of 1994 as the Kia Sephia in some markets and in others, including the United Kingdom, as the Kia Mentor. Kia presented a conceptual convertible version of the first generation Sephia, which was named “Kia Sephia Cabrio” at some auto shows.

Timor had plans in place for an “SW516i” station wagon and a “SL516i” limousine, but these projects never eventuated. But some very limited numbers of “SW516i” station wagons were actually manufactured by “New Armada” a local car body manufacturer based in Magelang, Central Java. This item is now considered rare and highly priced by the car enthusiasts. Between June 1996 and July 1997, 39,715 Kias were imported and sold as “Timors”.

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